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Additional tools to better manage your device


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Android Assistant (18 features) is an application that includes no less than 18 additional tools for your cellphone or tablet which will allow you to carry out several different operations that will make managing your device's elements much easier.

These tools are divided into several blocks. The first one gives you the option of monitoring the memory status, or the device’s CPU, managing all processes, cleaning out the cache, and cleaning out the system (browser, clipboard,...).

Another block of tools that let you manage what apps are initiated at startup, letting you disable the ones you aren’t interested in, manage available space on the SD memory card, and even uninstall apps in batches.

Other tools included in Android Assistant (18 features) give you additional information for your ringtone, battery, and several other elements on your device, all of which you can adjust from the app’s interface.

Android Assistant (18 features) is a very complete set of tools that greatly improves your experience with your Android device.